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0.jpg (20.95 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-18 upload at 10:50 as everything can not violate causality, in our view of life is often behind too observant of conventional standards. hidden significant unexpected, such as the famous "Slogan Nike's Just Do It", in fact it conveys the spirit of the brand is not as easy as you imagine. At the 2015 Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Dan Wieden, the advertising manager of Wieden+Kennedy, a leading American advertising company, told us the story behind "Just Do It". As early as 1977, the United States has just recovered the deat cheap jordans online h penalty law, a man named Gary Gilmore was asked about the murder last words, face shot to be executed, he said simply, "Let" s do it ". These three words will become the Nike company Slogan source of inspiration, because of Gary Gilmore, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy are from the United States of Portland, which is a special bond contributed to the birth of "Just Do It", and make it with Swoosh Logo Nike led the company in garment industry increasingly powerful movement.0.jpg (33.12 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-11 17:29 upload 1.jpg (64.74 KB, download number: 0) download attachm Retro jordans for sale ents saved to the album 2010-11-11 17:29 upload 2.jpg (56.3 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-11 17:29 upload 3.jpg (64.11 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-11 17:29 upload this year for the Japanese tide name beams was the 40th anniversary of the memorial, and the team announced earlier the new plan beams Japan Shinjuku flagship store will opened on April 28, primarily focused on Japan's store building 8 layer (base 7 even the number of outlets to be multi angle display and technology. Dress, the beams of the main promotion brand LOOPW Retro jordans for sale HEELER Te, Tora, Toyo enterprise, SCYE and other products, also will to trend point of view to reshape the some interesting items such as fusion souvenir jacket elements of asics tiger III Gel-Lyte, ENGINEERED GARMENTS x timex wrist watch, SARUKANI bag paragraph etc.. In addition, BEAMS will also be in the basement and first floor set up a restaurant and cafe, set up art and hand work area on the five floor, to provide a one-stop experience. Interested friends can click here for details of the plan, or HYPEBEAST BEAMS JAPAN opened the note. BEAMS JAPANB1-5F, 3-32-6, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JapanNike Air Max Ambassador IV LeBron as cheap jordans for sale a new signature shoe series outdoor basketball shoes, Ambassador shoes development based on existing strengths, combined with the characteristics of appearance design and fashion high performance basketball shoe, for the fans to bring the most advanced technology innovation of outdoor basketball shoes. Combined with Max Air Nike Zoom unit perfect air cushion and Nike Air Max Ambassador heel forefoot with IV, make the shoes more lightweight, shock response more quickly and effectively deal with the impact force. The high wear-resistant silk screen in the middle toes and heel parts of the shoes uses the texture of similar sand cheap jordans for sale mens paper to prevent the damage to the toes caused by the drag and drop of the shoes. The full palm XDR outsole brings strong wear-resistance and grip, tightly wrap the toe area, and provides effective protection for the high wear area. Nike Air Max Ambassador IV, the new generation of Flywire flight line technology, the Max Air slow motion unit at the heel and the low side design reflect the concept of "lock me, I can fly", "protect myself" and "shoes make me lighter". The story - filled patterns and details of the shoes have created a real signature experience for LeBron consumers. Nike Air Max Ambassador IV will be sold on S cheap jordan shoes for men eptember 15th for 929 yuan. (responsibility editor: Zhao Yongjie) In order to meet the arrival of the playoffs, the brand brings Jordan CP3.VIII AE "Nitro" nitrogen accelerates as a playoff color. Losangeles street racing competition is still the theme, but this time it is also integrated into the "Jekyll & Hyde" transformation of strange elements, creating the front two mandarin duck matching nitrogen accelerator shoes.Date: 2014-8-25 fan commissioning editor: HD: Warcraft fifth zoom D Howard 5 exposureThe new season of Warcraft Howard will usher in his second seasons in Houston, and his personal signature shoes also ca Cheap air jordan 12 ovo me to the fifth generation, fifth generation D Howard boots before Howard's 5 exposure. The exposure for the Rockets red and yellow color, with Howard's Logo at the ankle, tongue are respectively printed on the number 12 and Howard wearing a superman cape silhouette, the tongue inside is Howard's little Lego image. At present, this D Howard 5 has not yet announced the sale information. Salute , Michael Jordan's second championship rings, Jordan Brand, following last year's Air , Jordan 6 Championship suit, and bring the same Championship commemorative suit on Air Jordan 7 shoe type, and also celebrate the essential cigars and cheap foamposites champagne in the scene.Running Fan endorsement of Nike running shoes? June 11, Dongguan Sunshine Community reprint an article attracted the attention of many users. This post actually an obvious spoof of nature "cheat" have to trust a lot of friends, have thread said it would firmly resist Nike running shoes. On Thursday afternoon, Nike China Relations Co., surnamed Li, who is responsible to the reporter confirmed Meizhong never hired as a spokesperson, would not hire him as a spokesperson. Yesterday afternoon, the anonymity of the person who posted the original "summer Che Dan," said Bo when posting only people laugh, and call Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ed on friends to keep rational. Jokes posts boycott triggered upsurge This spoof news first appeared in early June Qihoo Forum, the original post titled "run faster than Liu Xiang also faster Running Fan endorsement of Nike." Note said, Nike think the fastest in the disaster, most loving teacher Fan Meizhong life, in line with people-oriented company, the purpose of an independent personality, so in spite of the current number of Chinese netizens questioned Meizhong teacher, invited the decisive run most Chinese netizens soon be laughing, "Running Fan" Fan teacher as Nike running shoes spokesperson. In order to avoid unne Cheap air jordans for sale cessary misunderstanding, the poster specifically to "BT News Agency reporter Dan Xia Che" in the name of the posting, alluding to "bullsh * t." Posts stimulate discussion, but most users represent only admire the poster ideas, then laugh. Unexpectedly, there are users post forthwith forwarded to the horizon, Mop, Netease, Sina and other forums, and the "BT News Agency reporter Dan Xia Che" and other words faded. Since the original form of news show, many netizens believed, have denounced Nike. Some users with "is the motive? US companies see "Running Fan" endorsement of Nike running shoes "in the title, will be Nike and recently suffered a boycott of Carrefour par, appeal to the majority of users to boycott Nike products. boycott message transmission network crazy appeal to get a response soon. Boycott news quickly spread through the QQ group, Classmates and other means. News reporters in the QQ group received, as well as friends appealed to the local Nike store protest, QQ group message of protest also comes with specific time and programs. On Thursday afternoon, in an interview with reporters, Nike China Relations Co. official said Mr Lee has been informed of the news, saying that the message was "pure friends spoof," Nike never hired as the company's spokesperson Mr. Fan Meizhong I would not hire him as a spokesperson. Li explained that the person in charge of all the company hired are Nike spokesperson healthy image of sports stars. ?? reporter Connection "Summer Che Dan": a lot of users do not irrational & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday afternoon, the reporter and the person who posted the first "Summer Che Dan" contact on QQ. "Summer Che Dan" currently living in Beijing, but he did not want to disclose real names. "Summer Che Dan," said Fan Paopao after the event, he was inspired by some friends, so readily write such a fake news sent to the Internet, the purpose of the Bo people just laugh, did not expect to have such a big effect. According to the reporter, after "Summer Che Dan" also wrote, "Astrology spectacle: the capital last night over the pie", "CCTV start cutting the same animal slaughterhouse" and spoof news. Most of these news smile after winning friends, hastily ended. "Summer Che Dan," believes that the endorsement of false news to be widely disseminated, and a lot less rational now about the users present on the network. he wished to apologize to Nike through the newspaper, and called for the majority of users in a patriotic love of family while maintaining rational.